E.l.f. makeup mania

My order from upperleft to bottomright: Nail polish Mango Madness, Nailpolish Teal Blue, Lipstick Sociable, Conditioning lipbalm vanilla, Transparent eyebrow/lashes gel, Natural radiance blush in Glow, High defenition powder, Eye crease brush, Fan brush, Eyeshadow brush, Stipple brush

So last week me and 2 friends ordered a bunch of makeup(tools) at eyeslipsface.com, in our case '.nl'. Everything is just 1 euro (except for the studio line and mineral line), reaaally attractive, but also a hit and miss. Received my order yesterday, so my friends came over to see and get their stuff and be really excited about it haha. But we were not the only ones excited about all this stuff. My cute fat cat came over and thought it was fun rolling in our makeup and acting like it's its daily routine.

Btw: My layout has gone wild, and Blogger won't let me fix it...my apologies for having my blog looking this ugly!



  1. Oh my goshhhhh! I want it all, I love Elf and their bargains! You can follow me on bloglovin (the little pink bar in my side bar with numbers on it) and there should be a "follow" button at the top of my page, maybe my layout has gone a tad bonkers again! x


  2. Looks like you've got some decent stuff! Want to try some more of their brushes out. Great post:)

  3. You're cat is so cute ^^ !
    I personnaly have purchased some elf products, and Im not satisfied with make up .. But i love their brushes, they are low priced ^^

  4. Leuk! Wou dat ik nu even het budget zou hebben om lekker een nieuwe collectie make-up en mooie brushes enzo! Super.


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