If you feel like a zombie shout it out now


I'm ashamed for not letting you guys know what I've been up to. But yeah, these last few days are quite busy days.
Sunday and Monday are Christmas days, so I can't hang around the computer all day (well, even if I could, I wouldn't.). Tuesday my dad and I both had a day off, so we went to the city, to spend some father-daughter time, and (ofcourse) to do a little shopping. The sales were already begun so I bought a simple tee with videocamera's on it and my dad bought me a cute purple dress and a turquoise blouse, I'll show you later. Wednesday I had to work from 9 'till 17.30, and it was an incredibly boring day. At night I went to the cinema with my mom. We saw the movie Nova Zembla, a dutch movie about explorers who wanted to find the way to India. Great movie, much better than I expected. Topmodel Doutzen Kroes (Victoria's Secret model) also played a role. Not a big one though. And last, today. Went to a factory outlet centre with my parents (spended a lot of time with my parents these days!) Didn't buy a lot: two basic cardigans in black and red. a bit more expensive than at H&M, but the fabric is stronger, much better quality. Maybe I'm the only one, but my H&M cardigans get holes after a few times worn, and there are threads hanging everywhere, blugh.

1. portrait, with my new matte red lipstick
2. Chocolate fondue with le boyfriend (romantic, huh? No we're not that romantic. This was our desert at 2nd Christmas day, I cooked for him, and myself ofcourse.)
3. My new matte red lipstick! Rouge allure velvet, no. 38 La Fascinante. My mother bought it as a Christmas present. I asked her for a matte red lipstick, and when I opened the package I was like "omg, Chanel!" and she said she especially bought a Chanel lipstick because I wouldn't buy it myself. The colour is perfect and it stays for a looong time.

The smell of cinnamon and burning wood


Just a few shots that'll create a christmas feeling, and a shot of one of my cats. She's cute, isn't she?
Actually, it's already christmas...but I'm tired and I'm going to bed right after this post. For me it's christmas when I wake up. That's probably what most of you think haha
I'm really excited about it, christmas lunch with mum and dad (My dad is working at the moment, and comes home at 8 in the morning, so he goes straight to bed 'till probably 12 or 13, that explains the lunch!) opening presents, giving presents, having family dinner with really nice food (yum!)...Just being with (a part of) the family, laughing with eachother and do other fun stuff. Ohh I'm really excited...

Loves and kisses!

Under construction soon

Want to change the lay-out of this blog. Again. This would be the 4th time...
I'm already busy with creating different backgrounds (so I can pick one later) and do some creative thinking for a new header.
So don't be confused if my blog's all messed up when you visit, I'm probably busy then.

Let the wind decide


Snakeprint top: H&M
midi skirt: H&M
Fake fur coat: Primark
Black/wooden heels: Dorothy Perkins

Wearing my midiskirt today, for the first time. I felt really girly and chic, as it 'floats' when I'm walking outdoors. I'm still really happy with my fake fur coat. It's so warm and fluffy and soft! My friend even gave it a name: "bear". Also wearing my turquoise Doroty Perkins ring (see here) and my turquoise bag (see here).
Seen many weird faces looking at my skirt today, which has not the length girls wear these days (the 'normal' length for typical dutch girls: just below the butt.)
I'd love to hear your opinion about midiskirts, and would you wear it yourself?

Goodnight sweethearts! x

Excusé moi

I'm sorry for not posting for so long!
I've been quite busy this week, and when I had some time it was too dark to photograph my outfit...and I didn't have much to tell, besides the fact that I really need vacation (just one more week to go, then just sleep for two weeks haha)

Photo: This is one of the lipsticks I wore this week. Really love the colour (in real life it's a bit darker) and it lasts long.  Catrice Ultimate Colour collection: 160 Tell me a berry-tale



Bought these 2 pair of shoes today! There was a bankruptcy sale at Shoe Outlet, everything 50% off! When I saw these I was immediately in love, so I bought them in Tabacco and Bordeaux. Normally they cost €30,- for one pair, now I payed €30,- for 2 pairs! I just love sales...any sale. I'm really a 'bargain bitch', always want to buy things as cheap as possible. I don't want/need clothes of an expensive brand, I'd rather buy a whole new outfit (including shoes, jewelry and a bag) at Primark than buy one top of that cool brand. I mean, it's way more fun to buy lots of stuff instead of spending your whole salary on buying one thing...or am I wrong?!

Blood Pressure


A little shopping spree


Did a little shopping after school yesterday. Went to Primark, walked out with empty hands...the dutch Primark really sucks, UK is so much better. Anyway, bought this snakeprint top, which is actually one size too big, but it was the last one and it fits, I don't really stick to the sizes. Also bought a midi skirt! still figuring out how to wear it (now I have an excuse to buy new shoes!) but I already have some ideas. The top and skirt are both H&M...

Shopping dilemma

Ok here's the thing:
I reaaally want new shoes (because I didn't buy any in London...) so I'm scrolling all over the internet looking for a nice pair. But what kind of shoes do I want? Vans, booties, heels, brogues? I'd probably buy them all if I had the money...but I don't. To make it a bit worse, Christmas is coming, so I also have to buy presents for the family...
They just opened a Steve Madden store in Rotterdam, wich has absolutely gorgeous shoes. If I wait till the end of the month, I can buy a beautiful pair of Steve Maddens, just in time for new years eve. I think I'll just stick to that idea!

About christmas presents, does anyone have an idea to buy for the boyfriend? I would love it if you're willing to share it with me, cause I don't have a clue.