A little shopping spree

Did a little shopping after school yesterday. Went to Primark, walked out with empty hands...the dutch Primark really sucks, UK is so much better. Anyway, bought this snakeprint top, which is actually one size too big, but it was the last one and it fits, I don't really stick to the sizes. Also bought a midi skirt! still figuring out how to wear it (now I have an excuse to buy new shoes!) but I already have some ideas. The top and skirt are both H&M...

At home yesterday, I went to the H&M online shop, where the word "SALE" appeared really huge on my screen. Called my mom, and we looked at literally every page! (We're such shopaholics, lol)
I ordered this red blazer for €14,95 and these cobalt blue heeled sandals for only €4,95! Couldn't let them go for that price.

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