The great beyond

Another portrait. I actually really like my makeup today, the bright pink lipstick is probably the cause. The colour is Rose naïf, by Lancome. Wearing my ocean green Pull&Bear top again and the most shocking part of this post...(prepare yourself!)...I'm actually wearing jeans! Well, it's more of a jegging...but I just call them jeans, as it's really the same thing but without a zipper and a button. I don't like wearing jeans, or pants at all. The main reason thereof is the fact that in most stores an M is too small, and an L just too big (really baggy/sloppy on the back, like your butt just disappeared haha). I'm caught up in between.
Not really unimportant; Salary's in! Got quite a lot as I've worked pretty much in December. And now my fingers are itching to do some shopping! Unfortunately, I have to wait untill I finished my exams (last two on Monday, and tomorrow a day off whoohoo!)



  1. That lipstick is amazing, defiantly going to have to buy it!

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  4. Your make-up looks lovely, your so pretty! x


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