Water, we need it. To hydrate, to survive...No man on earth can live without water. We as human beings are constantly doing researches and discoveries to increase the quality of life and create amazing high-tech, complicated things, but why not try to make life better starting with water? I introduce you; the Water Bobble.

What is it?
The Water Bobble is a well designed, environmentally friendly water bottle with a filter, which removes things such as chlorine, to get healthier water with a better taste.

Why is it cool?
You drink healthier, better tasting water, and probably more, as you don't have to be afraid of the taste and condition of water at an other place. And as the Water Bobble is so good looking, it catches everyone's eye. The filter is available in a lot of colours, so you can choose your favorite! Recently they added a small (which is especially made of kids) and a large bobble to their collection, some new colours, and the Bobble Jug. And last but not least: You save a lot of money. One filter is equal to 300 plastic water bottles, so with the Water Bobble you don't have to buy plastic bottles every time, and less plastic bottles means a better environment!

I own one myself and honestly, I think it's an amazing product! I didn't drink enough water back in the days and when I finished my plastic bottle of water, I didn't refill it. Tap water tastes different everywhere, that's what held me back from refilling. With the Water Bobble I drink a lot more water than I used to, as I refill anywhere, without being afraid of the taste.

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