Ever heard of Kobi Levi? He's an incredible shoe designer. But he doesn't just design some everyday shoes, in fact, this footwear is pure art! See more to see some of my favorites.

Kobi Levi is a shoe designer form Tel Aviv, Israel. Both shoes and design have been his passion since his childhood, and graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts&Design, based in Jerusalem, in 2001. Now, Kobi is a growing artist worldwide. Even his 'Double boot' is shown in Lady GaGa's Born This Way! All shoes are unique as they're all made by hand with high-quality materials, and mass production doesn't exist in Kobi's studio.

Flamingo, look at that heel!

Coffee for Diner

Double boot


I probably can post all the shoes here; just can't pick out my favorite as they all are! If I had the money I would definitely buy them, but it's above my budget (just a little...ehrm). Click HERE to see the rest of Kobi's amazing footwear, and HERE to watch Lady GaGa - Born this Way and spot the double boot!


  1. i love the shoe in the top pic and the banana shoe.....weird and wonderful!


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