Floating houses

In South East Asia, flooding is a big and common problem. The floods devastates houses of many people, year after year. Building new houses for them cost a lot of money, especially when flood-proof.

So a Vietnamese firm, H&P Architects, has com up with a way to live with the flood. They’ve designed houses that are able to float. How? They build empty oil containers in the base structure of the house. That structure, and the rest of the house can be built of local, natural resources like bamboo. Also the architects have designed it in an easy way (see picture above) so the people can easily build it themselves. The houses are lightweight, which makes them float even more easy. They are secured with anchors, to make sure the houses don’t drift away with the flood.

H&P architects really designed this for the locals, not to make profit out of it. As flood is a natural phenomenon, there is no way to stop it, so you have to think a better way to live with it, which (I think) they did really good. Everything is made easy for the locals who will build it, as it doesn’t require expensive or not common materials and the structure is designed easy.

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