I've been away for quite a long time, three months I guess, maybe even four! Exams (which I passed!), two vacations and a lot of fun in the summer holidays made me stay offline for a while. But now I'm back with a lot of inspiration and ideas!

I'm studying International Lifestyle now, just started this week. I'm really excited about it, as this is something I really want! I already met a lot of great people, and I'm sure I'll be having a good time in the upcoming four years. I'll keep you guys up to date with what and how I'm doing at school, as I must post some projects on my blog, which has benefits for you too! That means more updates and a bigger variety of posts!

As I made a fresh start with my new education, I also want to change the looks of TRD. I've already done the header, which you may have seen, but I'm still thinking about the rest of the layout... Ideas are always welcome ofcourse!

I hope you'll enjoy the new start of TRD, and keep checking it out!