There's a genius in the bottle

Catrice added some new nailpolishes to their collection! The new colours aren't really that special though, but when I walked into the drugstore, straight to the Catrice stand, I saw this amazing colour! It's Catrice 840 Genius in the bottle, a golden polish with some blue and green shades in it, depends on the light. It's really similar to the Chanel 531 Peridot, which I love, but I was hunting for a way cheaper version as I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it.
This huuuuge ring is from Primark (reduced to £1, it's ridiculous how they reduce things when it's already so cheap!) My parents bought me it when they were in England last weekend. 
Tomorrow I'm going on a little shoppingspree with my mum, to Primark in Rotterdam. There are only three Primarks here in Holland, luckily I live nearby one. Although, it doesn't seem to satisfy me every time, something that all British Primarks do. But I'll hop by anyway tomorrow. I'll just go and see.



  1. Great post, Love the product :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


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  3. beautiful blog!
    your pictures are nice. ♥
    I hope you like my blog too.
    And will follow him (:

  4. Hey wat leuk dat je ook in Rotterdam woont, ik ken niet veel bloggers uit Rotterdam. Ik volg je nu. Als je tijd hebt, neem dan ook gerust een kijkje op mijn blog :-)



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