Cool blue

Sleeveless top: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Leather jacket: H&M (sorry for only wearing H&M haha, not on purpose!)
Necklace: ?
Rings: H&M

Hi guysss! I could almost introduce myself again as I haven't done any posts last week! I was enjoying my (one week) vacation and to be really honest: I didn't do anything except being the couch potato in this house. Ok I did do some shopping though, but not that much. I didn't really have anything interesting to tell, not even some pictures to post! I promise you, and myself, to pay more attention to my blog, and to post more often.
Anyway, you probably came for my outfit, not my apologies (but please accept them hihi). But what am I wearing? Yes, pants! People who know me, know that I rather wear tights and leggings. I actually can't explain you why, but I just don't like pants. But these blue ones, they're quite comfi! Maybe it's more of a tregging, with button and zipper.

I'm going out for a run later today, really chic with my red Chanel lipstick...or does that look weird? haha

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