It's a pretty bunny story

Shirt: H&M

I've already seen this shirt a few weeks ago, but then I bought some other things and back home I regretted that I didn't take it. So later, there was 25% discount at the online shop, but it was nowhere to find! Untill I went to the city -Rotterdam- for Sephora's yearly big offer, 3 products for €10, which I'll show you later. When I finally walked out of the hysterical-women-crowd, I popped by H&M as I usually do, and I actually found it! So happy haha I wanted this shirt so badly, those bunnies are too cute!
So that's the bunnyshirt story, and we lived happily ever after.



  1. love this shirt it suits you very well :)

  2. You are so beautiful and your style is great!


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