You're leaving me breathless

T-shirt: Monki
Black zipper skirt: H&M
Pink bracelet: Primark
Bronze bracelets: ?
Ring: Primark

These photos are actually from two days ago, but again I was really busy with school last days, and it probably will go on till the end of May, when final exams are over. I even have less time to do my nails! Today and yesterday I came home around 5pm, which should have been around 2pm normally. But I had a 'training for Maths finals yesterday, and today a maths project. Probably dreaming about numbers tonight, I hope not to! I was lazy hanging with my friend tonight (she just went home about an hour ago) which we really should do more, as we saw eachother pretty much every week in the past, but nowadays we sort of have to make an 'appointment' if you know what I mean. All these things explain this quick late night post haha!



  1. Wat een gaaf shirt! Je blog is trouwens een stuk mooier geworden:)

  2. Waaah, ik ben verliefd op jouw T-shirt! En dat rokje met rits is cool :3



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