Slithery snake

Dress: Pull&Bear
Leather bag: Christmas gift
Bracelet: Primark
Ring: New Yorker
Earrings: from my mom's old jewelry box

Bought the dress on sale at Pull&Bear, wich just opened in Rotterdam. It's world's biggest P&B store, so I was expecting a store with the size of Birmingham's Primark (the biggest primark I've ever seen haha), but my expectations were hard to find in real. It's not huge, but also not super small...I say mid size. More important is, the clothing. Really nice, much colours, and a lot of variation, I like!

The bag is a christmas present, from my dad. The colour is a bit orange, and real leather. My mom also got a bag like this. Love it how my dad is really creative and original with presents, he never asks us for our wishes. He got style!

As the 30 day beauty challenge is quite trending lately, I'm in a doubt to also take part. I think it'll be a boost for my blog, it keeps me busy and it keeps you bothered. I already found the list but I might change some 'challenges'.


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