Let the wind decide

Snakeprint top: H&M
midi skirt: H&M
Fake fur coat: Primark
Black/wooden heels: Dorothy Perkins

Wearing my midiskirt today, for the first time. I felt really girly and chic, as it 'floats' when I'm walking outdoors. I'm still really happy with my fake fur coat. It's so warm and fluffy and soft! My friend even gave it a name: "bear". Also wearing my turquoise Doroty Perkins ring (see here) and my turquoise bag (see here).
Seen many weird faces looking at my skirt today, which has not the length girls wear these days (the 'normal' length for typical dutch girls: just below the butt.)
I'd love to hear your opinion about midiskirts, and would you wear it yourself?

Goodnight sweethearts! x


  1. Would not wear it myself, to girly for me, but we both know that haha!
    The weird thing is, I would wear a maxi dress, hmm..
    I love it nies, you look beautiful! X

  2. Ooh die jas ziet er lekker uit, hoeveel heb je ervoor betaald?

  3. wow je rok is zo leuk!
    Vanmiddag zag ik ook zo iets, wilde bijna meenemen!
    fijne dagen!


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