Shopping dilemma

Ok here's the thing:
I reaaally want new shoes (because I didn't buy any in London...) so I'm scrolling all over the internet looking for a nice pair. But what kind of shoes do I want? Vans, booties, heels, brogues? I'd probably buy them all if I had the money...but I don't. To make it a bit worse, Christmas is coming, so I also have to buy presents for the family...
They just opened a Steve Madden store in Rotterdam, wich has absolutely gorgeous shoes. If I wait till the end of the month, I can buy a beautiful pair of Steve Maddens, just in time for new years eve. I think I'll just stick to that idea!

About christmas presents, does anyone have an idea to buy for the boyfriend? I would love it if you're willing to share it with me, cause I don't have a clue.


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  1. Nice pics you have! Today I bought for my boyfriend a scarf from River Island; grey blue and red. But it's not a big gift for christmas!;)


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