Bought these 2 pair of shoes today! There was a bankruptcy sale at Shoe Outlet, everything 50% off! When I saw these I was immediately in love, so I bought them in Tabacco and Bordeaux. Normally they cost €30,- for one pair, now I payed €30,- for 2 pairs! I just love sales...any sale. I'm really a 'bargain bitch', always want to buy things as cheap as possible. I don't want/need clothes of an expensive brand, I'd rather buy a whole new outfit (including shoes, jewelry and a bag) at Primark than buy one top of that cool brand. I mean, it's way more fun to buy lots of stuff instead of spending your whole salary on buying one thing...or am I wrong?!


  1. De sjaal komt uit frankrijk.. dus ik kan je niet helpen!:P echt leuke schoenen trouwens, vooral die paarse kleur.


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