Gradient pastel

Ok these should have been ombre/gradient nails, but it actually didn't turn out the way it normally does...but I still like it! I've done this type of nailart many times before, with lots of different colour schemes. It's done with the sponge technique, and what I like about this technique so much is that it's really easy to do and you don't have to do this perfectly, just play around with the sponge and the polish.
The nailpolishes I used this time are E.L.F. Lilac and E.L.F. Mint Cream (I also used mint cream in an other nail post, Minty Diamonds!) I love this season's pastel trend, so why not let your nails take part?

Ps. I'd like to do a nail tutorial soon, what kind of tutorial would you like to see? Just put it in a comment below and maybe I'll do a tutorial of your idea! 

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  1. The colours are amazing! It looks really nice. x

  2. This is amazing! Wish I had the patience...

  3. This looks so cool! I love these colors together... I've tried doing the ombre thing with my nails, but it never seems to turn out right, haha. :)


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