The need to relax

After my busy week I just wanted to do something that I like, without any rush or obligations, so I went shopping (surprising, huh?) with my mom. We went to the city, to the market. I haven't been there for years, I forgot that the market can be so much fun! I bought these two vintage shirts, with really cute details, for €3,- each. The fitting is great - wide, but not too wide. And for €3,- you just can't leave it there.
I also bought some fabrics as I want to make my own clothes, to be original and to save money.

And last, but definately not least: I stopped by at H&M as I needed to buy the FAA sunglasses to match with my jacket. Don't really have that much to tell about, they're just amazing.

Edit: My mom just read this post and said (she's in the room next to me, lol) that I'm bragging about the shirts as she bought them, not me. So here you go mom!


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  1. Indeed, it was a nice day shopping. And we also had some lovely sushi for lunch.

  2. The shirts are lovely, I love the navy/black one :)

    1. It's black :) It looks navy in the first picture, I know. To be honest I was just too lazy to edit it haha x

  3. Ik zit maar te wachten op een post met je nieuwe haar....


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