Darell - model of Androgyn Models
Lately, people with androgyn looks are popping up everywhere. In case you didn't know: These people have got the looks of the other gender, or actually, both genders. An example is the well known model Andrej Pejic

"Androgyn people are beautiful". With that thought Androgyn Models was set up. A model agency especially for androgyn people.
What they say about their models:
Is it a man or a woman? It's a human. A human with beautiful curves or that perfect jawline. We don't think in gender, but in beauty.
I think Androgyn Models is cool as I definitely agree with their message to the world. We shouldn't categorize everyone, not even in genders. Maybe in about 10 years, we'll live in an androgen society, where it doesn't matter whether you're man or woman.

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