While the photography industry is increasing and developing even better cameras with even more modern functions than we could ever think of, people would also like to go back to basics. Just look at Instagram, inspired by the Polaroid camera, or the upcoming lomography industry, with their populair analogue cameras like the Fisheye camera, the Diana F+, the La Sardina? People want the old fashioned look, but in a modern way. So this is what they came up with: A magnetic fisheye lens for the iPhone!

I'm one of those people who like the old fashioned way of photographing; Put a film in the camera, just shoot whatever you like without knowing how they will look like. Being excited when they get developed, and that special moment when you open the package where the photos are in...yes, analogue photography is exciting. But although we're excited about that, we also want to see directly how the photos look like, and if they look good, we want to share them immediately on any social network we're on. The fisheye camera is my favorite, it makes simple, every day things look interesting. So when I saw this lens, I pretty much got excited about it!

It's a magnetic fisheye lens for the iPhone. So you can make old fashioned photos, but share them immediately with your friends. What a great solution, right?
To make your photos really look 'old', combine the fisheye lens with Instagram!

It's cool because the analogue photography/lomography come together with the hyper modern technology. We can make photos with the looks of the 80's, but share them with 21st century technology!

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