Earn money with your artwork before you die, it's possible! Van Gogh would be filthy rich if he were still alive now...

WHAT IS IT? is an worldwide, online shop were people can upload their artwork and sell it on canvas prints, T-shirts, tote bags and even iPhone cases! The only thing you have to do is register > make art > upload it. Society6 takes it over here. They produce, package and ship it to the customer, and you make money! Sounds like a piece of cake, doesn't it?

It's cool for both the artist as the customer. The customer buys a pretty much exclusive product, while the artist earns money for his/her work. It has future growth potential as more artists upload their artwork online (on sites like, which is cool, but it's much cooler if you can buy it (or through the artist's eye: sell it.) It's brilliant!

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