Doing your daily exercises and prepare for the zombie apocalypse at the same time? With the app Zombies, run! you can!

Zombies, run! is an app for iPhone, Android and Windows phones with over 30 challenges to complete. Just plug in your headphones and go out for an interesting run...A bunch of zombies is chasing you and the only thing you can do is run. You can even hear them breath! Now that must be terrifying I guess...
While running you collect various items like water, medicines and batteries. When you're back home, you can build up your base, use the items you've collected and defend it.

It's cool because it makes your daily exercise more intense, challenging and exciting, in a fun way. Although I can imagine that hearing breathing zombies is pretty weird. And if the zombie apocalypse will be a serious thing, you'll be one of the people who actually is prepared for it! But some people take the apocalypse more serious than others. Well, it's up to you to decide for yourself!

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