Do you need to shorten your jeans or adjust a zipper but you don’t have a sewing machine? Or you just don’t like all the mess at home when sewing? Well, this might be a solution for you.

The sewing café is full of sewing machines, you just walk in and take a seat. While ordering a cup of coffee, you can sew whatever you want, or need. It’s a big hit in Paris and Berlin, but here in Holland it’s also coming up now, you can already find it in different cities. You can hire a sewing machine for an hour or longer, for a fair price. Besides that, workshops are given too. Workshops for beginners, or for special techniques. 

It’s cool because your hobby is combined with socializing. You can meet other people with the same hobby and help eachother where needed. The sewing cafe is a livingroom society as it makes you feel like you’re sewing at home, but with other (strange) people around you.

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