You’re at the airport. You just checked in and passed the security. What’s next? WAITING. And we all know, we probably have to wait approximately 45 minutes, but it feels like years...La Guardia airport in New York knows that feeling and came with a solution: iPads.

Yes, iPads. I didn’t count how many, but they should’ve had quite a lot of money to afford it. There are tables with iPads at every waiting area to keep their customers happy. But there’s more! Not only at the waiting areas, there are also iPads at bars and restaurants...ordering your beverages via iPad seems legit, but you can also go on the internet or play games. Not really romantic when having dinner with your love, I guess. 

But overall, the idea is cool. The waiting time seems much shorter when you’re busy updating your status at Facebook, or playing chess against someone else. You can also check the flight information, so you don’t have to look for one of those monitors. You can order food and drinks, and see the best deals from all the shops at La Guardia. It's an experience for the people at the airport as it makes waiting way more fun than usual.

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  1. Such a crazy and cool idea!


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