1. Red/blue plaid shirt - Mango
This plaid shirt would go nice with a classic pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots for that cowgirl style with a modern touch. I especially like this one as the colours are contrasting which gives a nice effect, and the embellishments on the collar and pocket give a finishing touch.

2. Alexander McQueen: The life and the legacy - Judith Watt
I wouldn't consider myself as a fan, but I adore his creations (ok, except for the armadillo shoes which look ridiculously painful). This book, written by Judith Watt, reveals the truth about mr. McQueen's history and how he changed the fashion world by reinventing modern fashion. I already see myself reading this on the couch, with a cup of tea (and maybe wearing one of his items? Yes I keep dreaming haha!)

3. Tapestry printed boyfriend blazer - River Island
At first sight his blazer looks like it's from your grandma's closet, but when I saw Lily Melrose wearing it, I was sold!

4. Ciaté mini mani month advent calendar
Everyone who knows me, eventhough it's just a little, knows I love nail art. So this advent calendar from Ciaté is definitely a musthave for me! A new nailpolish everyday, which girl doesn't like that?!

5. Black loose fitted cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Going towards winter, I'd like a few thick loose fitted cardigans with a bit slouchy look. They're warm, they're big, they're cute. That's all I need. And a black one goes perfect with pretty much your whole closet.

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