Senseo, it’s probably the most common coffee system in Holland. the ‘pad’ system makes it all easy, but the taste...mwah, could be better. So Douwe Egberts and Philips (the innovators) created a new concept. The Senseo Sarista. 

Senseo is known for easy and quick coffee, so whatever the Sarista does, that feature must stay. And it does. The pads are gone, coffee beans, hello! The coffee beans are available in different flavours and all you have to do is twist the package on top of the machine. Easy as pie to me!

This concept really fits into the experience economy as we live in a fast world, so nothing must be too complicated but we do want quality. The Senseo Sarista has it all: It’s easy to use, the taste of the coffee is so much better than the pads. The fact we use coffee beans again makes us go back to the earlier years, something we see a lot in this technological world!

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